Institution: BWH/MGH Harvard Combined Endocrine Surgery Program
Duration of Fellowship: 1 clinical year
Number of Available Fellowship Positions: 1
Program Director:
Program Director Email:
Matthew Nehs, MD
Secondary Contact Name:
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Secondary Contact Email:
Jess Jacobs
Administrative Assistant
Address/Phone: Director Email Addresses:

75 Francis Street
Boston MA 02115
Phone: 617-732-6830
Fax: 617-739-1728
Objectives of the Program: To develop highly skilled endocrine surgeons and leaders in academic endocrine surgery.
Highlights of the Fellowship: The BWH/MGH Harvard Combined Endocrine Surgery Fellowship is one year in length and is integrated between Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, with an optional second year if so desired.

Applicants must have completed a general surgery residency and be board eligible/board certified in general surgery as determined by the American Board of Surgery. The fellow, in conjunction with the general surgery residents, will be primarily responsible for the care of over 2000 endocrine surgery patients per year. The fellow will spend approximately 6 months of the clinical fellowship at the Brigham and Women’s hospital and 6 months at the Massachusetts General Hospital to allow exposure to different surgical techniques and patient management approaches. Each alternating 3 month block rotation will place special emphasis on developing strong operative skills by participating in the care of patients with complex endocrine disorders. This large surgical experience of complex and tertiary care cases will provide an excellent opportunity for a career in academic endocrine surgery. It is anticipated that the fellow will participate in well over 300 cases. Additionally, the fellow will participate in a busy endocrine surgery clinic with extensive training in office-based ultrasound, U/S guided FNA techniques, as well as fiberoptic laryngoscopy.

The fellow will also participate in weekly conferences devoted to Endocrine Surgery, Surgical Oncology, and Endocrinology and will have exposure to endocrinology, radiology, pathology/cytology and nuclear medicine. The fellow will have the opportunity to lead a variety of teaching conferences- including endocrine surgery teaching conferences, Endocrine Surgery Journal Club, Adrenal Tumor Multidisciplinary Conference and Endocrine Oncology Multidisciplinary conferences.

In addition to clinical responsibilities, the fellow will be asked to participate in ongoing and original research initiatives that will utilize the breadth of research resources at both hospitals. Possible projects may include clinical projects utilizing an endocrine surgery database, CESQIP, clinical trials and basic science research studies. The fellow will present the results of these studies at national meetings and submit manuscripts to peer reviewed journals.

Finally, the fellow will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extra training opportunities. These include didactic courses during the fellowship such as the Harvard Thyroid/Parathyroid Course, the Harvard Endocrinology Course, the American College of Surgeons Advanced Ultrasound course, the MGH Head and Neck Anatomy course, and the AAES Endocrine Surgery University program. Mentored instruction in adult teaching/learning theory and curriculum design are also available based on fellows’ interests. Extra time on pathology, endocrinology, and radiology services is also available.
International Medical Graduates: At this time we are unable to accept applications from international applicants requiring visas due to restrictions from our institution.
Special Considerations: At this time one clinical fellow per year will be accepted into the program. Successful credentialing at both both BWH and MGH (both Partners Institutions) is required and must be completed well in advance of the start of the fellowship.

Generally only one interview date per year is available and will allow exposure to most of the faculty at both programs.
Program website for More Information:
Program Twitter Account: @bwhsurgery, @mghsurgery
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Previous Fellows: 2007-2008
Michal Mekel MD
Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel

Jennifer Rabaglia, MD
Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern

Carrie C. Lubitz, MD
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital

Nancy Lackhyun Cho, MD
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Roy Phitayakorn, MD
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital

Patrick O'Neal, MD
Veterans Administration Hospital, Boston, MA

Dana T. Yip Lin MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Wesley H. Giles, MD
Program Director, General Surgery Residency
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Jason Prescott, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Paul H Graham, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Travis McKenzie, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Mayo Clinic

Matthew Nehs, MD
Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Hyunsuk Suh, MD
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Susan Pitt, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
University of Wisconsin

Tammy Holm, MD
Newton Wellesley Hospital

Michael Sullivan, MD
Jersey Shore Medical Center

Abbey Fingeret, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
University of Nebraska Medical Center

2016-2017 (Current Fellows)
Brenessa Lindeman, MD
Clinical Fellow, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Future plans: Attending Surgeon at University of Alabama at Birmingham

Heather Wachtel, MD
Clinical Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital
Future plans: Attending Surgeon, University of Pennsylvania


Lindsay Kuo, MD
Residency: University of Pennsylvania